“Great hospitality, a very warm audience and an all-round lovely atmosphere” James Walton (2015)

Photo by Chris Chapman

Chagword 2017 is Chagford’s third literary festival, launching on the evening of Friday 17, then running all day Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March 2017.


Chagword 2017 follows the very successful inaugural festival in 2013 and aims to establish Chagford as a focus of literary excellence by attracting high quality speakers, and providing new opportunities for local people to experience literature in direct, accessible and dynamic ways.

Chagword will promote, encourage and develop participation in all aspects of the literary arts in Chagford, across all sections of the community and all age ranges.

about2We aim to create a sense of occasion and identification with the festival, further raising the profile of Chagford and of Dartmoor, and stimulating economic opportunities for local businesses.


Chagword is a not-for-profit organisation run by a team of volunteers.